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Have you ever thought about how to keep the perfect quality of your old photographs forever? Scanning all the prints too time-consuming and processing the films in a lab too expensive? Then here comes a unique film scanner right for you: EU3C FilmScan35!

FilmScan35 is a small device able to work with both negative and positive classic 35mm film. It's equipped with two adaptors - for strips of 6 frames or 4 slides. Scanner is connected to the PC via USB port and comes with a CD containing drivers and a user application. With it you can easily check about how the final output will look like and adjust some image correction settings (brightness, contrast, saturation, hue etc.). The device features a 5mpix scanning chip (i.e. 2560x1920 pixels, 1800 dpi) producing the images large enough to be printed on a A4 page! You can also use interpolated resolution of 3600 dpi.

FilmScan35 I. a II.

The scanner will be available in two versions: FilmScan35 I. needs to be connected to a PC to scan images. On the other hand, FilmScan35 II. is a standalone device featuring a preview LCD and offering basic image corrections, too. Scanned pictures are saved into an SD/MMC memory card.

EU3C FilmScan35 will be released during summer 2008. Terms and pricing on the respective models are to be updated. You are welcome to step by our booth at Computex Taipei and try the scanners yourself!

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